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New items added to during the past month:

Rancho Santa Fe author examines how environment influences our success in life, business

Rancho Santa Fe Review

As the author or editor of nearly three dozen books on business, Marshall Goldsmith knows what he’s talking about. After all, the Rancho Santa Fe resident has worked closely with some of the world’s top men and women in business, including executives at such large companies as Ford, Pfizer and Walmart.

A Questão não é o Coach

Tradução: Rogério A. Machado

Os melhores líderes podem ser os menos notados.

Formação de Equipe Sem Perda de Tempo

Tradução: Rogério A. Machado

A medida que as organizações precisam aprender a lidar com mudanças cada vez mais rápidas, as equipes vão se tornando cada vez mais importantes. Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Celebrating Diversity


The rise of the global community brings many opportunities and challenges. In the past, community members could communicate with each other, trade with each other, and share a common culture. In the future, communication, trade, and culture will become much more global.

#50 - 12 Amazing Tips that Will Change Your Life! view article print version


Since May 2014, I have posted the Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50 Blog every week – 50 blogs in 50 weeks. This week is the culmination of that effort, #50! Enjoy!

Think Courage, Not Risk

AC Global

Do coaches take risks? Executive coach and world-renowned thought-leader Marshall Goldsmith talked to AC Global Bulletin Deputy Editor Sue Stockdale about how risk influences the coach, the client and the coaching profession.

#49 - What Is the Best Coaching Advice You Will Ever Get? view article print version


The best coaching advice you will ever get isn’t going to come from me – it’s going to come from you. Are you ready for it?

Liderança é um Esporte de Contato

Tradução: Rogério A. Machado

O “Fator Acompanhamento” no Desenvolvimento de Líderes - Brazilian Portuguese

#48 - A Radical New Approach to Employee Engagement view article print version


This radical new approach to employee engagement might just be the “other half of the equation”, the missing piece, the thing that we’ve been overlooking that could change the business landscape for good!

#47 - How to Forecast the Environment for Success view article print version


As we journey through life, we are creating our world and our world is simultaneously creating us. How can we forecast our environment so that we are aware of its influence over us and how we can use what we learn to our success?

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